Improving Visibility & Protection against cyber threats

Hackers attack every 39
seconds on average

Average number of days it took
to identify a breach in 2019

Average cost of malware
attack in 2019 was $2.6Mn

Average cost of data breach
in 2019 was $3.9Mn

Gartner Report - Rethink the Security
& Risk Strategy

“The starting point is to move beyond the assumption that an ever-growing security team
is the best way to respond to increasing security risk.”

About DigiGlass

With the world facing an ever-increasing threat landscape that requires the highest grade of monitoring and protection round the clock, DigiGlass Managed Security Services help our clients scale their security while focusing on business.

Our Security Operations Center facility is ISO 27001:2013 ISO and 9001:2015 certified.

Our Services

Managed Security

DigiGlass MSS helps you fight threats without having to worry about skill-set gaps within the IT security team no matter where and how they originate from – be it external or internal actors. With onsite, remote and hybrid models available, our flexibility allows you to scale up your security operations as necessary.

Managed Threat Detection & Response

DigiGlass MDR enables our customers to focus on their business while our experts focus on identifying and eliminating all possible threats to your IT Infrastructure. We help stop the attackers in their tracks, investigate damage done & help make your Infrastructure future-proof.

Managed Security Devices

DigiGlass MSD helps our customers manage their security devices to deliver improved operational & technical efficiency – offering specialized expertise in managing device and other day to day operations – thereby freeing in-house resources for more critical initiatives

Assessment & Compliance Management

DigiGlass ACM helps our customers with assessment of their vulnerabilities and policy compliance programs to prioritize what’s most critical in the context of their business, remediate vulnerabilities, and establish sustainable processes for working within and across teams.

Egress Shield

Egress Shield is a Redington Gulf offering powered by Systancia, together with which it provides a multi-tenant and multi-site ‘Zero Trust’ private network access. Egress Shield is ANSSIR Certified in the field of ‘Identification, Authentication & Access Control’.

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